Ariane Richter

Funding. Europe and Caribbean Expansion.

Ariane earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management in the USA and an MBA in The Netherlands. She began her career as an internal consultant at Volkswagen AG’s think tank in Germany, where she worked on large scale projects in purchasing, marketing, PR and process optimization.

She moved to the Caribbean in 1996, where she managed one of the foremost marketing and distribution companies representing Fortune 500 brands in the FMCG market, and consulted to international and local businesses.

Ariane established her company EQ Investment Solutions in 2009 providing management and investment consulting services for businesses and international investors worldwide. She majors in capital raising for her clients. She is offering mentoring programs to help her clients prepare their growth stage companies for a successful capital raise; her six step framework includes intense work on business strategy, business model, business map & plan, capital markets & investors, investor package and funding negotiation.