Harue Ciarlini

Brazil Expansion. Negotiation & Business Development.

Harue started her professional life at HSBC Bank where she spent three years of fast growth being awarded as a “Young Talent”. As a best performer also on sales, very collaborative and with a high level of connectedness with people, she was responsible for leading all non-managerial employees at her branch for the bank’s products sales. Was offered a managerial position at age 21 but as a go getter she decided to take a bigger challenge and set up her own Trading Company in the United States. She also co-founded a company for Mobile Automation in Brazil.

Italian and Japanese descendent, Harue was born in Brazil and speaks fluently Portuguese, English and Spanish. Passionate about negotiation concluded a Strategic Negotiation course at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. With strong values, transparency, fairness, innovative and a win-win mentality, she was successfully the head of negotiations for her and other companies in countries like the United States, China, Bulgaria and Germany.

Always engaged with humanitarian actions and organizations, she realized her mission was to help transforming people’s lives. She exited her companies and started a journey for self-development in India, going to the United States, Fiji and other countries to study.

After an extensive period of courses and three coaching graduations, she is now back in Recife, Brazil where she founded extrelar and co-founded Base Cinco, owner of the iCANamy methodology. Harue also enjoys taking care of her health through Yoga, Meditation, Muay Thai and plant based foods.

Email: Harue@GoGlobals.com