Hermione Way

USA Expansion. Technology, Digital Marketing & Media.

Founder Newspepper & Techfluff.TV

Hermione Way (born in Devon, England) is a new media journalist, Reality TV personality, and entrepreneur. She currently resides in San Francisco. Way started Newspepper, an internet video production company and works as video correspondent for The Next Web. Way was also a featured cast member, along with her brother, Ben Way, on Start-Ups: Silicon Valley, a reality show on Bravo. She later launched a global start-up competition called StartUpWorld in 2012.

A trained journalist and entrepreneur originally from London, has over six years experience crafting stories for the digital age. As Silicon Valley Video Director for The Next Web, covered technology startups in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Has created content for BBC, The British Parliament, Channel 4, Sky News, Telegraph, Virgin Media Pioneers and many more.

Creates authentic content through crafting exciting stories making headlines of the world’s international media. Has appeared on the front cover of the New York Times & The Sun Newspaper and also in Wired, The Independent and the Wall Street Journal.