GoGlobals take companies to the next level (EBITA and enterprise value) by expanding them into new geographic markets, verticals and distribution channels and lowering costs via our global manufacturing, supplier and shipping network. We offer an end-to-end solution.

We work directly with rocking business owners, private equity and VC firms, export agencies and accelerators who are committed to achieving massive growth and results in profits, market share, company valuation and ideally, whilst having a positive social impact.

You may be new to going global or you may already be in multiple foreign markets but you know you could be doing much better.

We can take you there.

We work in various ways to achieve the end outcome. We partner, we consult, we joint venture, we advise and we license. We get lasting results.

The What – Our Services

We can grow your profits using 4 key ways:

New Geographic Markets

Geographic Expansion

GoGlobals offers an end-to-end solution for expanding your business into new global markets or boosting under performing existing markets

Company Audits – Look inwards

Deep dive audit to identify exactly where is the business now, where does it wish to be and identify the gaps/business issues.

Global Trends Advisory

Look outwards; Advise where the world is going and identify how you can take advantage of the global trends.

Market and Competitor Insight

Market assessment of the 5 C’s;

  • Country
  • Customers
  • Competition
  • Costs
  • Capability

Trade Mission Trips / Business Liaison

Government and local agencies liaison

JV country partners / distributors

Business development liaison

Trade Show Support

Trade show marketing support

Business development liaison

Post show follow up

Market Entry Strategy and Planning

Review entry options and decide optimal strategy

Find suitable country partners and local advisors

Develop full GoToMarket roadmap

GoToMarket / Strategy Execution

Launch program development and execution

Resource the strategy – headcount, financial, time

Turn-Key Landing Program / Approved Partners

Access to full network including government, distributors, suppliers and service providers.

On-Going Support and Training

Board Advisory role

Training services

Phase One: The Why.

Why Go Global and is it right for your company now?

Step 1. Look inside and out.

Look outside: Know where the world is going and the opportunities available.

And Look inside: Why do you wish to go global? Are you ready to Go Global? Analyze the motives, commercial logic and direct and indirect costs. Determine whether your company has the desire and discipline to seize those growth opportunities.

Phase Two: The What.

Step 2. Look forward:

Define what success looks like. Agree your outcomes and goals. Get all stakeholders on the same page.

Phase Three: The How.

Step 3. Market Assessment of the 5 C’s:

1. Country:

Which country/language is right for you?

Where is there most likely to be demand for my product/service?

What is the state of the economy/market trends and what is it like to do business there?

2. Customers

What does my customer profile look like and how many potential customers are there?

How are they different from your current customers?

How do like to buy and be served?

Is your value proposition strong enough?

What is the Cost to acquire?

3. Competition

Analyze market segments, competitor positions, unmet customer needs and leader and laggards to answer:

Who else is servicing these customers?

How does your company stand out?

Can your company offer enough potential customers a competitively distinct product?

Can you perform the critical activities profitably?

4. Costs

What should you charge?

What are the costs to get to this market and deliver customer support?

What are the costs to acquire and retain customers?

What will be your profit margins?

5. Capability

What are your current core capabilities?

Which of these can help you in the new market?

What are your capability gaps?

Step 4. Entry Strategy and Plan

Review entry options and decide optimal entry strategy e.g. organic, licensing, franchising or joint venture

Find suitable country partners and local advisors

Develop launch roadmap including company structure, operations, sales and marketing and fulfillment.

Step 5. Capability Gap: How to close it.

Identify your capability gaps and decide how to close them.

Evaluate if to retain activities in-house or outsource.

Find suitable country partner and suitable suppliers.

Phase Four: The When.

Step 6. Market Entry / Go To Market Execution

Resource the strategy, source team, agencies and suppliers, bridge culture gap, agree project plan and execute.

Bridge the culture gap.

Find team and suppliers – company formation, lawyers, accountants, recruitment agencies, office space, distributors,

Agree project plan and take action

Step 7. Measure. Adapt. Grow.

Set KPI’s, track and amend strategy.

Invest in ongoing training.

Have patience.

New Segments/Niches (Domestic and International)

Many companies and brands are ignoring the low hanging fruit right in front of their noses and leaving so much money on the table by not simply adapting their existing offerings or marketing positioning for new segments and niches in their domestic market and/or international markets.

We can help you develop the strategy, branding, marketing communications and GoToMarket execution across multiple segments/niches including:




Large retailers / Multiples


Bundling offerings with third parties


Grey market / Aging Population

Lower socio groups

We can help you unearth these opportunities and realize the potential profits. We are fellow business owners are flexible on models including advisory, licensing or joint venture partners.

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New Distribution Channels

We live in a rapidly changing world and its only getting quicker. One of the big trends is omni-channel selling where businesses interact with end consumers across multiple platforms to build and nurture relationships and ultimately, transact.

How much profit are you missing out on by only using a few traditional distribution channels?

We can help you identify and profit by optimizing multiple marketing and distribution channels including:



Virtual worlds

Brick and mortar/offline



Strategic alliance partners

Commission-only sales teams

Call centers / Call transfer sales

Manufacturing, Shipping and Suppliers Network

Increase profits by gaining efficiencies from our global manufacturing, suppliers and shipping and logistics network.

We have direct access to 8 factories globally with a network of more than 3000 factories able to solve your manufacturing needs both big and small. Our clients tell us that it’s not only a cost factor, many ‘emerging’ nations have leapfrogged Western economies with more investment in technology, systems and customer service level

The factories are then coupled with a shipping and logistics solution saving you time, stress and money. The global aviation and logistics industry have revolutionized global freight to make it affordable, secure and quick.

We also have access to leading suppliers across multiple sectors and countries.

Find out now how we can help you make more profits. Click here

How We Work – Our Approach

Our systematized yet flexible approach is based upon more than 245 years of experience in growing and exiting companies across various regions.

We first get uber clear on where you are right now, where you wish to be and what is the gap from getting A to B. We do a deep dive and find out the key issues in our 7-step process.

We can take you there.

We work in various ways to achieve the end outcome. We partner, we consult, we joint venture, we advise and we license. We get lasting results.

The Why

Step 1. Look inside your company and out.
Why expand into new markets, segments or channels?
Is it right for your company now?

The What

Step 2. Look forward: Define what success looks like.

The How

Step 3. Market Assessment of the 5 C’s:
Country/Segment/Channel, Customers, Competition, Costs, Capability:

Step 4. Entry Strategy and Plan

Step 5. Capability Gap: How to close it.

The When

Step 6. Go To Market Execution

Step 7. Measure. Adapt. Grow.

Multiple ways to engage with us

We are fellow business owners. We understand our clients and partners wish to work with us in different ways. We know one-size fits all does not work in practice. We are results-orientated so we get uber clear on the outcome and then work backwards from there.

We partner, we consult, we educate, we joint venture, we advise, we train and we license. We get lasting results.

Show you how to do it

Education and Training
We provide training and education programs to leading companies, government agencies, investment funds and accelerators on how to achieve rapid growth to build market share, profits and enterprise value. Find out how you can profit today now Contact Us

Done with you

We start off ‘dating’ by offering advisory services to clients of business strategy, market and competitor analysis and market entry planning on a fee basis with very clear deliverables and deadlines. Find out how you can profit today now Contact Us

Advisory with profit share
Others companies and funds prefer partner with us when entering a new market, niche or distribution channel so they have local expertise for ongoing success. We have flexible quasi-models of subsidized fees to show commitment, profit shares and equity participation. Find out how you can profit today now Contact Us

JV / Business Partnership
Some clients and investment funds prefer to create joint ventures with our company to launch and run the business in new markets, segments or distribution channels building both EBITA and enterprise value for all parties. Find out how you can profit today now Contact Us

Board of Advisors Services
Many clients want our help ongoing and wish for us to advise them ongoing with key strategic issues such as business strategy, business development, government and cultural navigation and building enterprise valuations. Find out how you can profit today now Contact Us

Done for you

Licensing / franchising
Some companies are suitable for expansion into new countries, new niches or distribution channels but perhaps do not have the time, resources, skills set or desire to expand further at this time. Our company sometimes acquires the exclusive license for the product/service and pays the company a royalty based on sales. Find out how you can profit today now Contact Us